Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Two words: bloody, palaver.
What's getting you down I hear you cry, well in short, 1.1.3.

At school today, there I was playing along on iPhysics and I got the flashy screen problem (luckily, I'm not epileptic) and so I'm afraid to say that this was the final straw. The other straws? First off, SummerBoard, or lack of, more to the point. I love my theme, and rightly so seeing how much time it took to make and how pretty it looks. The icons work fine, the wallpaper is no go and the Dock requires a lot of work to change which is far removed from the ease I had become used to with SMB. Another thing I hate is the fact that some apps won't let you install because it knows your on 1.1.3 yet when you change the SystemVersion file to 1.1.2, they work fine. Just extra hassle on my part.

Now, all of these niggle would be fine if I got the benefits of 1.1.3 but apart from wiggly icons and lyrics, everything else is out of bounds. Mail doesn't work because I didn't buy the software update and so I can't add accounts through iTunes; Maps Locate Me feature doesn't work, even after the trick with Navizon; I can't take advantage of multi-SMS recipients also added to the fact that last night all the time took encoding videos to go on, surprisingly, didn't work. You would hit the one you want and then Videos would crash and return you to the Home screen. Not impressed :|.

After these niggle and downright annoyances I decided that it was time to go back to the warm bossom of 1.1.2, but oh young Sir. I went through the entire guide (mine incidentally/handily) 3 time and each time I would get to the jailbreak of 1.1.2, reboot and then it would enter restore mode and you wouldn't be able to boot out of recovery through Jailbreak.jar which really annoyed me. 
I finally managed to track this problem down to me using iTunes 7.6 (there's me thinking it was another urban myth) and after trying to uninstall 7.6, reinstall 7.5, nearly having a heart attack when it said it couldn't find my library, trying to reinstall 7.6 from Time Machine, not having enough permission to do so, uninstalling 7.5, reinstalling 7.6 from Apple and then sorting out my music, it was fair to say I had had enough of trying to get to 1.1.2.

So as of now I'm currently re-syncing my music to the jailbroken 1.1.1 which will be a little alien after all of the improvements made in .2 but if I'm being perfectly honest, I can't be assed.
Sorry of that's a little hard to read, I'm a bit knackered.

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