Sunday, 10 February 2008

After running across Wordpress earlier on I have decided that I will collapse my site and blog into a single account which you can find here. A lot prettier I think you'll agree as well as looking a little more professional.
Just been checking out The Art Of Manliness site which cropped up on Lifehacker the other night. The site's full of tips from good work out regimes to how to shave like a man, it really is very informative. I'm gunna try and start the 10 minute work out that they outline which should try and keep me fit and healthy and, if lucky, build some muscle ;).

The weather here in the south west has been beautiful the last two days which, though I sound like an old man saying, is really a very nice treat. Spent the saturday afternoon after work out with friends and just been chillaxing today, perfect weekend if you ask me :).

I'm gunna go and get myself prepared for school now so that's all done and then have a nice lazy evening.

Speak soon.

Friday, 8 February 2008

Ah dear, long time no blog :/
After the end of the jailbreaking palaver I had nowt to write about and so hence the lack of content and updates. 
OK, news. I bet most of you know all this anyway bit for those in the dark, here's what's been going down in the iPod touch world. Well, actually, not a lot. There's still no sign of the SDK, no updated jailbreak methods or any real notable new apps apart from the the SummerBoard update which *I think* includes 1.1.3 support. The only other notable news is the release of the 32GB model as well as the 16GB iPhone which should help the slumping stock prices ey ;)

Personal life? Well not too much, half term edges nearer which will be a welcome break and school's moving along nicely so I can't complain.

Just today, after setting up the RSS feeds in Mail last night, I found this great article chronicling the life of a geek, and, bizarrely, I fitted quite well. The social side didn't really apply as I'm quite outgoing and enjoy company but it was weird how I could read through and smile to myself how it fitted me. Here's teh link.

Oh, I also started a Twitter account so check it out, there's a widget just over there >>.

Saturday, 2 February 2008

I've decided that I'm gunna have a proper website back again as a blog is a little hard to link to and, due to it being just that, a blog, it's hardly the ideal presence on the web. I'm currently in the process of building it using Google Pages and so should be up by nights end. I'll post up the link once all's done and polished.

Update: Here's the link I promised
Blimey, with all these new jailbreaks and methods coming out I've had to update the jailbreak guide about 3 times in the last 48 hours, the pace of change ey :)

The SDK release marches ever nearer for all of those official apps to come out and take up our time and, no doubt, cash. I only hope the SDK is made public so 3rd party developers can make their apps with that and then release it onto Installer as is already the case. Anyway, whichever way it goes, it'll be a nice day when it's hear.

Now, what to do for the rest of the day... may get AdSense sorted out and start to earn from all of my 'hard work' ;) 

Thursday, 31 January 2008

Woot! My jailbreak palaver has ended! After searching trough countless forums I managed to find a way to get the iPod out of recovery mode after the 1.1.2 jailbreak.

It's all rather simple, annoyingly and thankfully at the same time, all that was required is to follow the standard jailbreak procedure and when it enter recovery mode after the 1.1.2 jailbreak, quit iTunes if open and then run iNdependence for about 30 seconds, slide to unlock and it will reboot a few time but carry on unlocking and you will eventually have a 1.1.2 jailbroken iPod.

Sorry for the OTT use of exclamation marks (for me at least) but it's good to be back on 1.1.2, I'm gunna wait until after the SDK til I even think about 1.1.3 again.

Here's the updated guide.

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Two words: bloody, palaver.
What's getting you down I hear you cry, well in short, 1.1.3.

At school today, there I was playing along on iPhysics and I got the flashy screen problem (luckily, I'm not epileptic) and so I'm afraid to say that this was the final straw. The other straws? First off, SummerBoard, or lack of, more to the point. I love my theme, and rightly so seeing how much time it took to make and how pretty it looks. The icons work fine, the wallpaper is no go and the Dock requires a lot of work to change which is far removed from the ease I had become used to with SMB. Another thing I hate is the fact that some apps won't let you install because it knows your on 1.1.3 yet when you change the SystemVersion file to 1.1.2, they work fine. Just extra hassle on my part.

Now, all of these niggle would be fine if I got the benefits of 1.1.3 but apart from wiggly icons and lyrics, everything else is out of bounds. Mail doesn't work because I didn't buy the software update and so I can't add accounts through iTunes; Maps Locate Me feature doesn't work, even after the trick with Navizon; I can't take advantage of multi-SMS recipients also added to the fact that last night all the time took encoding videos to go on, surprisingly, didn't work. You would hit the one you want and then Videos would crash and return you to the Home screen. Not impressed :|.

After these niggle and downright annoyances I decided that it was time to go back to the warm bossom of 1.1.2, but oh young Sir. I went through the entire guide (mine incidentally/handily) 3 time and each time I would get to the jailbreak of 1.1.2, reboot and then it would enter restore mode and you wouldn't be able to boot out of recovery through Jailbreak.jar which really annoyed me. 
I finally managed to track this problem down to me using iTunes 7.6 (there's me thinking it was another urban myth) and after trying to uninstall 7.6, reinstall 7.5, nearly having a heart attack when it said it couldn't find my library, trying to reinstall 7.6 from Time Machine, not having enough permission to do so, uninstalling 7.5, reinstalling 7.6 from Apple and then sorting out my music, it was fair to say I had had enough of trying to get to 1.1.2.

So as of now I'm currently re-syncing my music to the jailbroken 1.1.1 which will be a little alien after all of the improvements made in .2 but if I'm being perfectly honest, I can't be assed.
Sorry of that's a little hard to read, I'm a bit knackered.