Friday, 8 February 2008

Ah dear, long time no blog :/
After the end of the jailbreaking palaver I had nowt to write about and so hence the lack of content and updates. 
OK, news. I bet most of you know all this anyway bit for those in the dark, here's what's been going down in the iPod touch world. Well, actually, not a lot. There's still no sign of the SDK, no updated jailbreak methods or any real notable new apps apart from the the SummerBoard update which *I think* includes 1.1.3 support. The only other notable news is the release of the 32GB model as well as the 16GB iPhone which should help the slumping stock prices ey ;)

Personal life? Well not too much, half term edges nearer which will be a welcome break and school's moving along nicely so I can't complain.

Just today, after setting up the RSS feeds in Mail last night, I found this great article chronicling the life of a geek, and, bizarrely, I fitted quite well. The social side didn't really apply as I'm quite outgoing and enjoy company but it was weird how I could read through and smile to myself how it fitted me. Here's teh link.

Oh, I also started a Twitter account so check it out, there's a widget just over there >>.

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